Saturday, March 27, 2010

Going Home

It was bound to happen.

I am moving back to Arizona in August.

I spent the last 7ish years running away from Phoenix and trying to find myself. Well, I've been found..and guess what...I'm completely different and exactly the same as I was before.

I've grown up but I haven't lost sight of who I am. That's what I set out to accomplish. I wanted to find a new meaning to life other than the small set of ideals I found while living in Phoenix. I wanted to explore the country, asses other options, and most importantly...find the strong confident woman I knew lived within me. I didn't think I could do living in the same place I graduated. Since graduation I lived in San Diego, Charleston, SC and Nashville. Each city brought out an element that I didn't know existed.

San Diego brought out a side of me I never want to relive. I found out who I DIDN'T want to be while living there. I was immature, irresponsible, drunk, but most of all...I was trying to be someone I wasn't. I wasn't proud of who I was when I lived there...that is why I left. I made a really great friend while living in SD whom I still talk to and whom I care for very much. She is the best thing that came out of my time in San Diego.

Charleston was interesting. Living in the South taught me respect and patience. People are slower here, they enjoy life and they aren't in any kind of hurry. I became more of a woman in Charleston because I was forced to grow up a bit. I made some great friends while living there. I found a new respect for the ocean and for nature in general. I learned to slow down. Charleston has so much culture and history and it spoke to me. Eventually though, I had to leave.

Nashville is where I grew up. I was forced to take a hard look at the life I was living and let go of the negative behaviors that handicapped me. I've made some really amazing friends here and I will miss them dearly. The Favorites are so much a part of who I am now...speaking of, I need to see them!

So, much to my surprise. . . I am coming home.

I really intended for this post to be profound. . .but it came from the heart.

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