Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Made Me Smile.

From Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots at midnight: "Happy New Year! Wish I could kiss you right now!"

I Learned To Be Alone.

2009 was probably the most dynamic year I've had to date. I'm a completely different person than I was a year ago. In 2009 I became myself. Me. A woman. A lover. A fighter. A brunette. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A mystery. And, A writer. My goals changed. My personality changed. My outlook on life changed.

My relationships with The Favorites became more concrete. I love them. Truly love them.

I ended a romantic relationship that I was in last year. It stung. It was necessary. I am stronger than I ever thought I would be.

I learned to be alone.

I became a better employee.

I learned how to sew. (still working on that one)

I went to Disney World and realized what a rip off it is. I don't think I am ever going back. My next vacation will consist of clear water, white sand, a cocktail in a coconut cup (umbrellas optional), and a cabana boy named Juan.

I bought 8 work out dvd's. They are still in the clear wrapping. It's a work in progress.

I moved into my own apartment. I've always had roommates. I love alone. I love it. I will never go back to having a roommate.

I became closer to my parents. My dad and I have never been close but we talk almost everyday now.

I am finally getting the wardrobe I've always wanted.

I branched out of watching chick flicks all the time and have discovered some really amazing movies. I highly recommend "Away We Go" and "500 Days of Summer"

I rediscovered a few friends that I thought were lost. Thank you, Facebook.

I became a better cook.

I discovered that I cannot drink tequila, vodka, wine, and champagne in the same night. Ouch.

I learned to laugh more. And cry less. That's the point of life, right?

I'm ready for 2010. I am ready for a New Year. I'm ready.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Text and Drive.

Its like the ex knows I'm happy...and he texts me to ruin that happiness. Seriously, men? Seriously????

Not Your Typical Tuesday.

I went out to dinner with The Favorites last night. ----------->

Let me explain who "The Favorites" are.

Sexy Southern Belle, Sexy Professor, Sexy Paw Print, and Sexy Bitch These are the four girls that make my world go round. I will be blogging about them often.

Okay, so back to my night with The Favorites.

We decided to go to dinner and then hit up Red Rooster...which ironically is the same bar Mr. VCB invited me to the opening of. So anyways, we walked in and it was like a ghost town. Seeing as it was a Tuesday we weren't that shocked. We shared a bottle of wine and were given free shots by the GM. The GM also gave us some party hats which you can see pictured aboce. It was pretty fun. Not your typical Tuesday.

Such A Tease

Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots text me this afternoon and said he may not being going to the concert and might be flying home to spend New Years Eve in Nashville with me.....

Yeah, that's actually not happening...he decided to stay in Houston.

Such a tease :/

Party of one? Anybody?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...?

Okay, So...Mr. VCB and I have been Blackberry Messengering a lot. Ironically, I'm not overwhelmed and/or annoyed. I like talking to him. I don't feel smothered. He doesn't feel smothered. It's pretty fun actually. Who would of thought? He said we just "click" <---cute! He says really sweet things to me. That's a completely new thing for me. Last night he said the following things that made me blush.

About New Years Eve (Private Eagles concert in Houston...*rolls eyes*)
"I really wish you were going to be there :("
Not all of us get two weeks off for the Christmas/New Years holiday...I have to work otherwise I would be there.

About getting back to Nashville
"I'm so ready to get back to working out, work, friends, and you....Not in that particular order"

I think what he said is sweet. I guess I am easy to please now that I am re-reading. He shocks me because when I first met him I thought he was kind of self centered. My Sexy Bitch of a friend (I'm not using real names) claimed he was a great guy. She is pretty picky about who she associates herself with (not in a bad way, she's good people) so I was determined to see what she saw in him. I get it now.

On a funnier note. He is a big Longhorns fan (that's where he went to college) and invited me to go watch the Alabama/Texas game on Thursday of next week. He said "The bcs national championship...Alabama vs. Texas...huge game...will probably go somewhere to watch it, I know you're a huge football fan, BUT, I was hoping you'd come watch it with all of us....and root for Texas :)" There are 934 things wrong with that run-on of a sentence.

Number 1: My Sexy Southern Belle and her Husband are HUGE Alabama fans. AND my Sexy Professor (a girl) is from Alabama. SOOO....what now? Do I just dismiss my loyalty to them?

Number 2: I am most definitely NOT a huge football fan. I leave that to my Sexy Professional (also a girl) in Scottsdale. Which reminds me, I need to go visit her. She's more of Steelers fan than anything though, so I don't have any issues regarding this particular game with her.

Number 3: I won't be in town on Thursday. My girls and I are going on a girls weekend. SO, you're on your own Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots. Sorry *shrugs shoulders*

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Texts From Last Night

My parent's left this morning. As crowded as it is with 3 adults, 2 puppies, and 1 cat in my little apartment I am always sad to see them go home. There is something about the safeness and security of having your parents around that can't be duplicated. :(

On a funnier note. Apparently something I said was worthy. What I said and why I said it with remain untyped as it is completely inappropriate ;)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blackberry Messenger Just Got REAL!

Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots threw me for a loop yesterday while he was driving home from Louisiana. I want to post the conversation because it was THAT interesting but I will to save it for my book. He wanted to talk about being scared and having reservations about being in a relationship because he didn't want to sacrifice his independence or his relationships with his friends. I was wondering why either of had to sacrifice anything? I told him that he was creating problems that didn't exist and he agreed. He apologized for being concerned but I told him there was no need to apologize. I don't ever want him to feel like I can't tell me what's on his heart. I spent a year in a relationshit where I couldn't say one word about being concerned or I was "breaking down". I refuse to treat someone else like I was treated for a year. It's funny that I think back to all the times that me and the ex talked about his "emotional superiority" and now I realize that he wasn't emotionally superior to anyone. He was cold and unemotional. Emotions are something that happen when you are growing as a person. You can't grow without being hurt, happy, sad, frustrated, humiliated, enraged, ecstatic, etc. Emotions are the launching pad for every human interaction. So no, he wasn't emotionally superior, he was emotionally inferior. He lacked maturity when it came to normal human interaction. I spent a year of my life thinking that the ex had it all figured out when in truth he really didn't. I'm pretty sure he lives a miserable existence. I couldn't imagine living without the love of someone else, or even being open to the love the someone else wants to give you. The truth is: People need people. That's how God designed us. We need human interaction and love. Don't ever let someone tell you that you shouldn't need people to live. That's bullshit. I believed it and I was miserable. As soon as the ex and I split I realized how much I was missing out on in life. Moral of the story: Treat people with respect and love. So, that's what I did. I was frustrated with my conversation with Mr. VCB but I put myself in his cowboy boots and treated him with the love and understanding he deserved.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

PRESENTS!! <---I had to get that out.

I woke up yesterday with a wicked sinus infection and I MIGHT be dying. Everyone at work is sick so I am not surprised I feel bad. I have a sore throat and enough sinus pressure to blow up a submarine. To add insult to injury I woke up at 3:50 A.M. With cramps. I have no words.

Now that I am done complaining.

My parentals drove in for the Christmas holiday. I love when they are here! We had so much fun opening gifts!

Currently: My parents dogs are napping on the couch, I am writing, kitty is in my lap, dad is making breakfast and mom is making my favorite molasses cookies! I wish my siblings could be here :( maybe next year. I think we are going to Phoenix....I hate Phoenix but ima let it slide considering it's Christmas and all. :/

Update on Mr. VBC: He's still in Houston. We've had some good Blackberry Messenger conversations. I enjoy flirting with him via BBM. He called me the other night but I was beyond passed out and picked the phone up and promptly hung it up. Oops, sorry! He's been saying things like "I wish you were here" I don't really know how to respond. I have an emotional glass ceiling. I like/hate that about myself. Sometimes I feel like guys are looking for a more profound emotional response from me and they just don't get it. Emotionally speaking I'm doing okay with Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots. He said he was ready to be back in Nashville and I responded with "I am ready for you to be back in Nashville" (<--- Emotional growth? I think SO!) I did good? Right? You can't push emotions. I have to say/do what I am comfortable with and if it's meant to be everything else will fall into place and come with time. If not, then we both walk out of this with our dignity still intact. If you aren't emotionally appropriate from the start then it's bound to fall apart. Most women want to be in love like, RIGHT NOW. I am not one of those women. I want things to progress as they are meant to. I'm comfortable.

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Things That Suck.

1) I work so much that I forget what it's like to have a normal social life.

2) I was invited by Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots to attend a private Eagles concert on New Years Eve in Houston and can't go because of the previous statement.


Just. Great.

Feel sorry for me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Day Another Doller!

I worked all

I am clearing out my DVR and cuddling with Luna.

Fruit and Almonds for dinner :)

I Miss Life Before Alarm Clocks

I'm EXHAUSTED. I don't know if I've said that enough since Black Friday. It's quite possible that I've hit my breaking point. I'm working on an 11 day stretch at work. I'm on day 7 feet want to detach themselves from my body and go rest by the ocean. (preferably one with clear water and a cabana boy named JUAN) Thankfully The day after Christmas I am going to get a mani/pedi with my momma. My feet will thank me. I am definitely going to get a massage and facial after this holiday season is over. AND...right after the new year my girlfriends and I are renting a cabin for the weekend. I am beyond excited to get out of Nashville for a few days and relax. I have been blessed with an amazing job so I really hate complaining. I just needed to vent.

With THAT being said...

Mr. VCB and I went on our 3rd date last night. His cousin came into town with her boyfriend. I really liked them. They are extremely nice people. I had a great time. We went to a sushi place here in Nashville. Obviously, I didn't eat sushi, I ordered stir fry, which I ate 4 bites of. I feel really terrible he paid $17 for a meal that was picked at. I owe him. I hate when my stomach gets weird. The friends that introduced us joined us for a drink and it was good to see them. I've yet to make up nicknames for them....You'll hear more about them later. They're a trip and possibly my favorite couple in Nashville.

We went back to his place after dinner and watched SNL, James Franco was hosting so I was in a James Franco haze for awhile and I felt bad for Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots.

He kissed me again last night. I have to say, it was better the second time around. ;) Now he leaves for two weeks. He is going home for the holiday. Lucky him.

I think my lack of sleep and being over worked is taking a beating on my composition ability. Choppy post today. I apologize.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside.

It's 39 degrees...and raining. What kind of cruel world is this!? A shift of a few degrees would give us those little white flurries that only grace us with their presence a few times a year! The weather man says it's suppose to snow tomorrow. We shall Mr. Fox News. We. Shall. See.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Night Alone

Mr. VCB invited me to the opening of a new bar in Nashville but I am completely exhausted and I declined. I had every intention of going until I got home and sat down. Never stop moving if you are running on fumes, it will literally screw you up. He text that he was sad I wasn't coming but understands. It's good to know he's understanding. That's new for me.

I get to spend the night alone. I require alone time. I love my alone time. It gives me time to recharge my battery. I am drained beyond belief and I think my cat is starting to resent me. I ate my left over chinese food and watched a few reruns of Californication.

Has anyone watched "Vampire Diaries"...there is marathon playing right now. I might watch it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Double Header

Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots text me this morning pretty early to tell me he had a good time last night. I had a good time too. He tells me when he likes hanging out, what a concept. Most guys ignore you for 3 days after a date and then expect you to be free when they decide the want to take another shot at getting in your pants. It's a good change.

Date numero dos. (A Double Header!)

We had some interesting Blackberry Messenger conversation today and decided to go see some ice sculptures shaped like the Peanuts Gang tonight, but sadly they close at 8pm. Why do they close that early? Seriously disappointed. Plan B: Chinese take out and reruns of Nip/Tuck.

Date Numero Uno

I don't have time to write a substantive post, as I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and I have to leave shortly. Last night was fun. Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots was a perfect gentleman. We held hands a few times, nothing too couply. (<---not a word, but I think it should be) We kissed, and before you get all "ooh, you kissed on the first date" on me, hear me out. We have hung out several times we just didn't call them dates and me supporting the whole "Not Being A Whore" movement decided to call last night our first official date. Technically speaking that could of been labeled a 6th date. I mean, there was a venue change one night so that could be considered two dates, right? I know, snap out of it. Date numero uno was a success. More later. Work awaits.

Coffee, now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Step Program.

So I am by no means a hoochie mama, buuuuut we all have our moments, right? Rebounds, one night stands, mistakes, what's his name I met in Cabo...etc. I will not confirm any of the previous allegations nor will I deny any of them. With that being said, I've decided that I want to wait 10 dates before I decide to take the plunge with Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots. <---my nickname for him. He doesn't know I call him that, but somehow I think he would be happier to go unnamed at this point. We've been each others +1's at a few Christmas parties and gone out in groups but I am not counting those as official dates. I am sure he is thrilled to be starting at square one. (rolls eyes) Crap, I am less than thrilled with waiting, but to quote Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots "I totally understand...anticipation can be a good thing ;)" End quote. I guess I am lucky he has a supportive outlook on things. My girlfriends are cheering me on. I just got a facebook comment saying "be good", do you girls think I'm a ho?!!

Tonight is date numero uno. We are going to his company Christmas party. Wish me luck...

(takes a deep breath)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pay off

I just paid off the balance on one of my credit cards and it feels fantastic. I really wanted to buy a desk with that money. Oh well, I will settle for crossing my legs on my couch with my laptop literally on top of my lap :/ Maybe with all the money I save on interest I can buy a better desk. <---silver lining?

The beginning of my list.

My list is not long. It's not even that interesting. But there is certain things I want to do before I am 28 and I am committed to achieving all of them. The most important is paying of my credit cards. Ouch. America is $972 billion dollars in debt on average. That's enough to wrap $1 bills 2.65 times around the earth. Double ouch. And the average debt per house old is over $8,000. Triple ouch. I am not willing to admit the amount of credit card debt I have without a few glasses of wine and at least one shot of tequila. This is the first goal I am going to start working on. I want to know what it's like to commit to saving money instead of spending it. I've heard it addicting. I am extremely skeptical.

My action plan requires some very tight budgeting on my behalf. These are the first two things I am going to commit to.

1) No more shopping. I am living on NO budget. If I want something I go get it. I don't look at price tags. I just SPEND. This has to stop. Lord, please grant me the strength.

2) No more eating out for every meal. This means more grocery shopping and cooking at home. I like to cook but I get lazy after a long day at work and I want to drive through the nearest fast food place, inhale my food, and then go to sleep. This is not only expensive, but unhealthy. Again, Lord grant me the strength.

Here's to becoming debt free! (takes a tequila shot)

Happy saving everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today is the day of the rest of my life....or something like that

SOOOO. Today is the day I turn 27 years of age. I've decided this is a time for change. I haven't accomplished anything that I wanted to by the time I was 27. This is the year I put on my big girl panties and face my fears. I've wanted to do so many things but I've always been too fearful to step out of my comfort zone and work hard for what my heart desires. To some people my list of goals might be silly or seem immature, but to me it's important that I accomplish these things. I've had a tendency in my life to not follow through with things. I want that to change this year! I want to be a better daughter, sister, friend, lover, writer, employee, and human being. There is no better time than now! So, 27 is my year to become the woman I have always wanted to be. I am going to blog about every fear I face this year. Hopefully some will come along for the ride and see my transformation into a fearless woman!!