Monday, December 14, 2009

The beginning of my list.

My list is not long. It's not even that interesting. But there is certain things I want to do before I am 28 and I am committed to achieving all of them. The most important is paying of my credit cards. Ouch. America is $972 billion dollars in debt on average. That's enough to wrap $1 bills 2.65 times around the earth. Double ouch. And the average debt per house old is over $8,000. Triple ouch. I am not willing to admit the amount of credit card debt I have without a few glasses of wine and at least one shot of tequila. This is the first goal I am going to start working on. I want to know what it's like to commit to saving money instead of spending it. I've heard it addicting. I am extremely skeptical.

My action plan requires some very tight budgeting on my behalf. These are the first two things I am going to commit to.

1) No more shopping. I am living on NO budget. If I want something I go get it. I don't look at price tags. I just SPEND. This has to stop. Lord, please grant me the strength.

2) No more eating out for every meal. This means more grocery shopping and cooking at home. I like to cook but I get lazy after a long day at work and I want to drive through the nearest fast food place, inhale my food, and then go to sleep. This is not only expensive, but unhealthy. Again, Lord grant me the strength.

Here's to becoming debt free! (takes a tequila shot)

Happy saving everyone!

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