Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 Step Program.

So I am by no means a hoochie mama, buuuuut we all have our moments, right? Rebounds, one night stands, mistakes, what's his name I met in Cabo...etc. I will not confirm any of the previous allegations nor will I deny any of them. With that being said, I've decided that I want to wait 10 dates before I decide to take the plunge with Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots. <---my nickname for him. He doesn't know I call him that, but somehow I think he would be happier to go unnamed at this point. We've been each others +1's at a few Christmas parties and gone out in groups but I am not counting those as official dates. I am sure he is thrilled to be starting at square one. (rolls eyes) Crap, I am less than thrilled with waiting, but to quote Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots "I totally understand...anticipation can be a good thing ;)" End quote. I guess I am lucky he has a supportive outlook on things. My girlfriends are cheering me on. I just got a facebook comment saying "be good", do you girls think I'm a ho?!!

Tonight is date numero uno. We are going to his company Christmas party. Wish me luck...

(takes a deep breath)

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  1. I wish I met girls as easily as you meet guys.



    Just kidding! Have fun!