Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Your Typical Tuesday.

I went out to dinner with The Favorites last night. ----------->

Let me explain who "The Favorites" are.

Sexy Southern Belle, Sexy Professor, Sexy Paw Print, and Sexy Bitch These are the four girls that make my world go round. I will be blogging about them often.

Okay, so back to my night with The Favorites.

We decided to go to dinner and then hit up Red Rooster...which ironically is the same bar Mr. VCB invited me to the opening of. So anyways, we walked in and it was like a ghost town. Seeing as it was a Tuesday we weren't that shocked. We shared a bottle of wine and were given free shots by the GM. The GM also gave us some party hats which you can see pictured aboce. It was pretty fun. Not your typical Tuesday.

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