Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...?

Okay, So...Mr. VCB and I have been Blackberry Messengering a lot. Ironically, I'm not overwhelmed and/or annoyed. I like talking to him. I don't feel smothered. He doesn't feel smothered. It's pretty fun actually. Who would of thought? He said we just "click" <---cute! He says really sweet things to me. That's a completely new thing for me. Last night he said the following things that made me blush.

About New Years Eve (Private Eagles concert in Houston...*rolls eyes*)
"I really wish you were going to be there :("
Not all of us get two weeks off for the Christmas/New Years holiday...I have to work otherwise I would be there.

About getting back to Nashville
"I'm so ready to get back to working out, work, friends, and you....Not in that particular order"

I think what he said is sweet. I guess I am easy to please now that I am re-reading. He shocks me because when I first met him I thought he was kind of self centered. My Sexy Bitch of a friend (I'm not using real names) claimed he was a great guy. She is pretty picky about who she associates herself with (not in a bad way, she's good people) so I was determined to see what she saw in him. I get it now.

On a funnier note. He is a big Longhorns fan (that's where he went to college) and invited me to go watch the Alabama/Texas game on Thursday of next week. He said "The bcs national championship...Alabama vs. Texas...huge game...will probably go somewhere to watch it, I know you're a huge football fan, BUT, I was hoping you'd come watch it with all of us....and root for Texas :)" There are 934 things wrong with that run-on of a sentence.

Number 1: My Sexy Southern Belle and her Husband are HUGE Alabama fans. AND my Sexy Professor (a girl) is from Alabama. SOOO....what now? Do I just dismiss my loyalty to them?

Number 2: I am most definitely NOT a huge football fan. I leave that to my Sexy Professional (also a girl) in Scottsdale. Which reminds me, I need to go visit her. She's more of Steelers fan than anything though, so I don't have any issues regarding this particular game with her.

Number 3: I won't be in town on Thursday. My girls and I are going on a girls weekend. SO, you're on your own Mr. Vintage Cowboy Boots. Sorry *shrugs shoulders*

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