Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have Lost 13,458 Bobby Pins In My Lifetime

This morning I had the most fantastic chuckle.

Like every woman I had the great hair debate while laying in bed. I knew if I popped out of bed when my alarm went off I would have enough time to actual style my hair. However, I knew if I wrestled with the snooze button I could get a good half an hour, five minute snooze cycles of sleep in. Now logically thinking about this I realize I didn't get any extra sleep at all, but in my mind I did. . .so, we are just going to go with my cloudy notion that I got to "sleep in." Back to my story. I knew if I slept in I would have to sacrifice time to do my hair. Every girl has her "I didn't do my hair today" hairdo. Mine is bobby pinning it in a messy slide bun. I love this hairdo because it literally takes 5 minutes from start to finish and I get a lot of compliments on it. I chuckled this morning because generally I put my bobby pins in a slot in my make-up bag, but this morning, much to my dismay, there were none in that beloved slot. Now ladies, even if we don't technically have bobby pins, we have bobby pins. I preceded to round up all the bobby pins I knew were hiding around my house. I knew there were 2 under my bed by the handbag I shoved under there a month ago. I knew there was one (maybe 3) in one of my purple Gianni Bini pumps with the bronze buckle. (I love those shoes) and last but not least, I knew there were at least 7 in the bottom of my black patent handbag . Bobby pins are inexpensive but undeniably invaluable. They are so priceless that women seem to stock pile them in random places so that we always have JUST enough to work for our hair that morning. We tell ourselves that after work we are going to buy some more so that we don't have to hunt for them while getting ready. . .but we don't. It seems silly, but we like the thrill of the hunt. Kind of like a Frat boy at a sorority mixer. I find pride in the fact that I know exactly where they are. Nothing makes you happier to save your morning then to find the 13,458th bobby pin you have lost. . . and now have found! So ladies, keep loosing those bobby pins. It helps keep life interesting.

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