Monday, April 12, 2010

Pollen Covered Patio Chairs

As I sit here on my patio I am surrounded by an abundance of leafy green trees before me. The South is truly an oasis of natures beauty. Two weeks ago the trees were naked and just starting to bloom and now they are magnificently green. The ivy outside my patio is in full force and starting to wrap it's way up a nearby tree. Birds are chirping as if they are praising the sun for the much needed break it is giving us from the white winter we had here in Nashville. It was unremarkably cold and snowy and I am actually thrilled to be a bit hot as I watch the sun start to set. Pollen is covering everything. Nature is reclaiming it's place for the summer.

Arizona doesn't offer the changing of the seasons in the conventional sense. We have two seasons. Hot and hotter.

I'm going to miss pollen covered patio chairs.

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