Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Smell Of Sunshine

One thing I absolutely adore about writing is being free to write what I feel, what I think, and how I perceive the world. It's feels like that moment when you stand before an ocean kissed by the sunrise, you close your eyes while you are caressed by a light breeze and breathe in deeply. You smell freedom, which oddly smells of salt water and fresh linens when you are at the beach. Freedom has different smells really depending on the day. Some days freedom smells like lemons and fresh cut grass. Other days it smells like antique book bindings and my grandmothers rose perfume. Certain days, when the freedom is without boundaries, it smells just like sunshine. These are my favorite days. Days that smell like sunshine usually involve some sort flowing sundress, my favorite aviators, rainbow flip flops, a Dashboard Confessional marathon and a trip to a used book store. I live for days like this. They are few and far between. I think that's what makes them so exceptional.

Here's to more days that smell of sunshine :)

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