Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Monday, So Good To Me...

Good Morning, Gorgeous!!

It's Monday morning, and I'm not in a bad mood. As a rule, I am a morning person. However, Monday mornings, ew. They are in a category all their own. They fit somewhere between dental appointments and jury duty.

I hope everyone had an excellent Halloween! I know we did. We had an excellent time driving around to visit all of our friends at their fabulous parties. I did something completely unamerican and decided I didn't want to celebrate Slutoween this year. I'm fairly certain I am over it. All women retain a free pass to wear next to nothing and call it a costume on October 31st. I dared to try something different. My sister and I went as Sookie and Arlene from Trueblood. We looked fairly ridiculous. It was fantastic. Now I know why my stylist refuses to give me bangs. I'm convinced if I had gone trick or treating I would of been mistaken for a 12 year old. Not the best look for me. I had fun regardless. I got to hang with some ladies from high school I hadn't seen since we graduated. I was so elated to catch up with old friends. While we were catching up they played a game called Flip Cup in which I did not participate. Mainly because I was the designated driver. I must of been a terrible college student but I've never played this game nor have I witnessed this game in action. It's pretty amazing and I am certain I would be terrible at it. Hand-Eye coordination is not my forte'. Nor is chugging beer. I'm not a beer drinker. I like Irish whiskey and wine. The W drinks.

After the Halloween daze wore off my fabulous friend and I went to the State Fair (again) We had so much fun. We ate pretty much everything under the sun. Chili cheese dogs, a root beer slush, carmel apple, corn on the cob, orange fanta (spiked with rum from my friends flask, don't worry..we rode the ferris wheel just to empty the contents of the flask into the tiny humans were harmed in the process) chili cheese fries, chocolate covered bacon (I did not partake in the bacon, I've had it. Thoughts: Gross) fried butter and cheese curds dipped in nacho cheese. Our conclusion: When you start dipping fried cheese in nacho cheese it's time to throw in the towel. Unhealthy? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. I start a rigorous work out routine today :/ We watched some seriously terrible ball room dancers, pet a cow which we were scolded for, clogged two toilets, took photo booth pictures, bought $30 sheets (which I'm certain I will regret), and played rigged fair games. I mean, really...those games set you up for failure. Someone should regulate that.

After the fair I went over to my brothers house to watch My Bloody Valentine in 3D and pass out candy to the tiny humans and their keepers. We were the cool house to go to because my brother purchased all king sized candies. I remember when I was nugget, word spread fast about which house had the good candy. We were that house last night. It felt great. Iron Man said we were awesome. So did the skeleton child. I agree with them. We are awesome.

All in all. a great weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too! Here's to an excellent November!! *raises glass*

Stay Gorgeous ;)

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