Sunday, January 23, 2011

Titled Renamed, Nothing

Honestly, just let me have a moment.

People that are in love need understand that not everyone is currently in love. Puke. Not everyone gets to wake up next to the person they love every morning. Not everyone has another persons hand to hold. Not everyone has the emotional support of someone else. Not everyone is a couple. Not everyone wants that right now. I'm sorry if I'm not romantic or mushy. I'm sorry if I'm not outwardly affectionate towards those I care about. I'm sorry if my "love" is more of an internal thing. I'm sorry if I haven't resigned to settling down as of yet. Why is it that everyone is always worried about my relationship status? Do I ooze unhappiness? Do I need to be "in a relationship" to be considered human? What if I just haven't found someone that I'm ready call mine? Is that so terrible? Aren't I allowed to be a tad bit selective regarding the person I plan to spend the rest of my life with? Don't get me wrong, it would be nice to have someone to drink coffee with in the morning and force to eat healthy, but it's just not the right timing. I don't want to settle on someone who puts creamer in their coffee and snarls at me for being a vegetarian. It just can't happen. I have a fairly detailed list of things I'm looking for that I haven't found any one man to have. Okay, that's a guy is pretty dang close but that's always going to be complicated and it just seems like more heartache than what it's worth. One of my girlfriends asked me to write out a list of "must haves" I was looking for in a lover. I shrugged it off and then one day when I was sitting at a coffee shop I thought about what she said and I did just that. Three Starbucks napkins (front and back) later, my list was complete. I think I might be too detail oriented. Maybe that's an issue, who knows. My head hurts thinking about this....bartender, a shot of whiskey please! Actually, make it a double.

Until next time....

Stay Gorgeous ;)

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  1. ha ha, no need to settle girly. and next time you order a double, there better be another one just like it for me ;)