Sunday, February 21, 2010


NOT to steal Amy Adams Julie/Julia thunder...BUUTT, I have been wanting to learn how to bake like my mother. She's a pastry chef and can pretty much kick Little Debbie's arse. I look up to her SO much. I've mastered cooking..that's easy. Baking, on the other my cousin Missy puts it "It's too scientific" <---true statement. It amazes me how bread will rise. I mean AMAZING right? I like simple things I guess.

So...I bought this --->
Photobooth is lame and photos appear backwards but the title is "Sweet and Savory Swedish Baking" By Leila Lindholm.

I'm not going to bake something everyday like Amy Adams did in Julie/Julia. Mainly because I will go broke. Baking is expensive. I am, however, going to become phenomenally impeccable at baking and blow my mother away.

The first recipe...Chocolate Chip Cookies. Boring, I know. The recipe is asking for mainly organic ingredients and something called "demerara" sugar. Here goes nothin'

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