Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am unsettled, my friends.

I feel like whatever it is I was suppose to learn in Nashville, I've learned.

I have a tendency to be a gypsy. I like the newness of life and when the newness has worn off and the dust has settled I tend to get bored. I'm antsy.

So now what?

I miss my family. I miss the beach. I miss the security of having my family nearby. I miss my friends in Charleston.

I miss Phoenix. I miss my sister. I miss my friends there. I miss my home town.

If I moved I would miss the inner circle. I would miss how amazing Nashville is.

3 separate life paths...3 separate outcomes...

Either way, I am going to end up missing someone.

I am going to try and listen to my heart...

So for now...

I pray...


  1. Gypsy? Your wardrobe would never fit!!

  2. Your heart will lead you where you are meant to go, it'll never steer your it, and your gut instincts.