Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disney Hell

Mickey Mouse, we need to have a conversation.

My Sexy Professional and I went to Disneyland last weekend. It was a perfectly amazing overcast day and 84,000 (actual amount of people at Disney that day) other people thought so and that they would go too. It was astronomically crowded. During the fireworks we made friends with a family behind us who shared one dynamic observation: The "Cast Members" at Disneyland are rude. The Magic Kingdom in Orlando is SO much better. The cast members are a hell of a lot nicer. We witnessed two people being yelled at by cast members and then we were snapped at because apparently they were changing the flow of traffic and we didn't get the memo. We passed three cast members and not one of them said a word to us, but when we made it to "Big Bertha" (names are changed to protect identity and it's possible I forgot her name) she yelled at us. It was so completely uncalled for. I am extremely disappointed in the cast members at Disneyland. A little bit of the magic died for me that day.

On a positive note:

If you've never been to one of the Disney parks during the holiday's, you're missing out. In true Disney fashion, everything is 100% over the top. LOVE!

The Haunted Mansion was redecorated as The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I met Jack and Sally

I got to eat Cotton Candy

I played in Chip and Dales Treehouse

P.S. this is NOT made for adults

I met Aladdin

I got advice from the Fairy God Mother

She said I need a prince that is patient, kind, and not a mouse. Noted.

But mostly, I stood in line.

With a smile ;)

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