Saturday, October 9, 2010

Strangers and Tequila

I'm always amazed by the situations in which I find myself.

Last night I picked my sister up with my sexy professional because she's going through a break up and needed some sissy time. We were all in leggings and t-shirts because we honestly planned on drinking pumpkin beer and having a scary movie marathon in bed. Absolutely zero plans to be social. However, when you live on a golf course that has glow golf charity events not being social isn't exactly an option. We were walking to our door and several drunken men wearing glow in the dark necklaces and plaid pants (hot? Maybe) were offering us beer, rose tequila, and a ride on their "golf carts" Normally I would just say "No, thank you" and go inside, but my sister and sexy professional said I was boring. ME? I'm not boring. I'm rational. Didn't your parents ever teach you about stranger danger? Mine certainly did. I'm telling mom. Taking their opinion under consideration, I did what any rational girl would do that wants to prove a point. When offered, I took a swig out of strangers tequila bottle. Reflecting back on this it was probably not the best idea I've ever had for one of three reasons. 1) I could of been roofied. 2) They could of had the herpes of the mouth. 3) All of the above. When questioned why I would do such a thing I simply replied "You said I was boring!" I thought that was relatively daring and not something I would of normally done. I was momentarily proud of myself.

Later that night we discovered they were golfing for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and raised over 300k. Drunken men in golf carts are fairly entertaining, mainly annoying, and freaking hilarious...but philanthropic men who care about kids = home run. (Like my spin on that?)

I learned two things last night.

1) I am opposite of boring.


2) Rose tequila is delicious.

Stay safe and don't drink out of strangers tequila might just have fun ;)


  1. You're funny. My usual response is not only don't i talk to strangers, I run!

  2. Rose tequila?!?! I think you just blew my mind. This could change some things.

  3. Yes, Rose TEQUILA. It might be the BEST thing I've ever had. I mean, EVER!