Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Post Is Brought To You By The Letter "F"

I was asked by a friend what blogs I read.
This is a list of my favorite blogs in no particular order.

The Frugal Girl - She just ended a series on Contentment. I seriously recommend going back and reading all of the entries. It is inspiring. She also has an ongoing series called Wednesday Baking, I love it. This amazing woman bakes from scratch for her family every week and still has time to share her recipes with us.

Love Maegan - Maegan is a woman living in L.A. that loves fashion, art, DIY, and her puppies. She is inspiring because she repurposes old pieces of clothing into new pieces. Like this skirt into scarf DIY.

Joy The Baker - Amazing recipes with a humorous undertone. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. Make these.

Noble Pig - OH. MY. GOSH. Comfort food with a twist! Pumpkin Carmel Bars With Bacon. Drooling.

Fashion Toast - Rumi loves fashion more than I've ever seen anyone love fashion. She travels the world and takes creative photos. It's a fun blog to read!

The Sassy Curmudgeon - She is hilarious. She blogs about everything and I wish I had her sense of wit.

Style Porn - She loves fashion and has a unique sense of style. I love her fascination with Sugar Skulls. I thought I was the only person this side of the border that was obsessed with their beauty!

I love a lot of things that start with the letter F.


Happy reading ;)

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