Thursday, October 21, 2010

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I sprained my wrist.

The unofficial official story is that I hurt it sky diving.

The officially official story is that I hurt it opening a jar of olives.

I will let you decide which story is legit.

I personally thought if I ever hurt myself this terribly it would be from stumbling on, up, over, or under something. (including flat ground. It happens) I'm hopelessly clumsy. Ask my boss, he's seen me stumble almost everyday we've worked together. I blame it on vertigo. That's my unofficial official story. I'm not even sure I understand just seems like a legit excuse. Inner ear problem, anyone? No? And of course, because the universe loves to mess with me I sprained my right wrist. I'm right handed. Typing, writing, eating, and getting ready in the morning has been curiously interesting. The world is just not created for left handed people. I'm outraged. I don't know how people that are left handed deal. My Sexy Professional is left handed. Much respect, sister. Much respect.

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